Hatch the Bird takes flight from CU Denver

Band breaks through shell with each show

Diversity is key in the Denver music scene; with so many genres floating about, lacking a distinct sound will conclude in getting swallowed up. However, local bands like Hatch the Bird have the keys to success, hatching up unique sounds with a notable passion for what they do.

From left: Jamie Beekman, Ted Kleist, and Ian Agneberg jam at home. Photo by: Larson Baird | UCD Advocate 2013

From left: Jamie Beekman, Ted Kleist, and Ian Agneberg jam at home.
Photo by: Larson Baird | UCD Advocate 2013

Ian Agneberg (a.k.a. Ian Hatch), a CU Denver music major, leads the band—comprised of Jamie Beekman, Ted Kleist, Chris Cook, and Eric Neal. Together, they make up a unique musical melting pot—throwing in three-part harmonies, sizzling guitar solos, and a ringing cowbell that would satisfy even Christopher Walken.

“I started writing songs when I was 19,” said Agneberg, the band’s vocalist/guitarist. “Hatch the Bird started out as a solo project, but I decided to bring in more members about a year ago for the Spread the Word Festival. We’ve been together ever since.”

Like many Denver bands, CU Denver was Hatch the Bird’s birthing place; by providing studio space, experience, and instructors, the university is a prime place to connect with fellow musicians. “You go there to record your music and to network,” Agneberg said. “There are so many great bands and musicians that come out. And everyone’s pretty eager to work with everyone else.”

That enthusiasm is showcased throughout Hatch the Bird’s performance, each member glowing on their individual instruments. Guitarist Kleist energizes the room, one riff and solo after another. Agneberg’s bluesy vocals soothe the crowd, while Neal, the band’s drummer, provides a jazz-inspired beat, crafting a polished finish for the overall sound. However, pianist Beekman steals the show, providing a rousing pop to each song, while charming the room with her smile.

“Jamie [Beekman] was a closet pianist when I first met her,” Agneberg said. “But she’s awesome and continues to be. She’s definitely the hardest working member of the band, by far.”

Together, the band crafts an assorted sound, reminiscent of Bob Marley and John Butler Trio, with a slight Black Keys twist. Each song supplies a foot-tapping and distinct musical experience, attracting fans from all genres. “It’s such a mix of different styles,” Kleist said. “With rock, pop, blues, funk, soul, and reggae…There’s never really a limit.”

Music serves as a form of expression and a release for the band’s members, each passionate about the work they create. In fact, the band’s name stems from their vigor for performance. “There’s something about that moment when you’re playing and you find yourself completely in the moment. There’s that moment of clarity,” Agneberg said. “You’re totally present and completely hatched.”

With an upcoming show on Nov. 15 at Moe’s BBQ on Broadway and a new album in the works, Hatch the Bird is certainly taking flight up into the Denver scene. For more information on upcoming news and music, check out the band’s Facebook page at

Author: Brennyn Hoose

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