State of University

The University of Colorado Denver has grown leaps and bounds under the governance of previous Student Government administrations. This year’s newly elected administration will follow suit and fight for advancement as we begin this exciting 2014-2015 academic school year.

With the grand opening of CU Denver’s Academic Building One, the second year for both Club Sports and Milo the Lynx, and the acquisition of our own sports field, the theme of school spirit surrounds this university more than ever. Student Government has already begun passing budgets and planning events to fuel this surge of school spirit. We feel the importance for students to have powerful identity as they progress through their years to come at this university.

Club sports has grown into a massive entity of student life as we now have 12 official club sports teams with the possibility of another five coming soon. The hard work of Club Sports Director, club captains, and players has paid off as now we have full ownership of the sports fields to officially have CU Denver home games. In addition, we will be replacing the grass with turf to better handle the wear and tear of cleats.

To add even more excitement to this new era of CU Denver specific services, we have already taken major steps in our initiative for a possible CU Denver Health and Wellness Center. On this campus, there is a dire need for a facility that can cater to the large number of students looking improve their personal health and wellness.

In the spring, the Health and Wellness Center committee selected an architecture firm to conduct an extensive feasibility study on our university. The possible Health and Wellness Center would be built adjacent the newly acquired sport fields complementing the brand new Academic Building One. Surveys aimed specifically for student interest and support will open in early September.

Our Student Government administration has begun an expansion process for our student, faculty, and staff discount service called UniverCity Key. The program started under last year’s administration and has since acquired over 90 partnering companies. Members of the CU Denver community have access to an array of discounts for services ranging from food to retail. Student Government will work extensively this year on promoting UniverCity Key so students can have the ability to save money while shopping, eating, or utilizing a service downtown. We hope this program can help further connect our campus with Denver as a whole.

As always, the Student Government Association’s doors are wide open to all. We exist to serve the needs of the students and to make the student life of this campus vibrant.

With the tangibly increased enthusiasm of the student body from these past few years, we anticipate a year unlike any other, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our ability. Here’s to an exciting year!